Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I'm probably just afraid of how much of my time I would waste. I have enough "information overload" even without the antidote, thanks. about 1 minute ago from Blogger

Who knows? Maybe I could get into Twitter, if I could think of an actual use for it. about 3 minutes ago from Blogger

Yeah. And chocolate cake is the antidote to weight gain, too. Eat up! about 5 minutes ago from Blogger

Actual quote from the Twitter site: "Twitter puts you in control and becomes a modern antidote to information overload." about 7 minutes ago from Blogger

is scratching his elbow. about 11 minutes ago from Blogger

is aware I can link it to my Facebook status updates or whatever. But I don't use those either. about 12 minutes ago from Blogger

@dullroar Et tu, dude? Ack! I coulda sworn you were with me on this! about 16 minutes ago from Blogger in reply to dullroar

I'd rather have my eye poked out with a sharp stick than join in the Twitter mayhem. about 1 hour ago from Blogger

just went to the bathroom. about 1 hour ago from Blogger

No, the truth is my decision not to Twit or Tweet or whatever you call it is firm and not subject to change. about 2 hours ago from Blogger

OK, now it's official. I've finally done it. No, I didn't join Twitter. I wrote a blog post about Twitter, just like everyone else. You're reading it right now. about 2 hours ago from Blogger


  1. Hysterical!

    And yeah, I caved and started up again. The big thing is to have people like my daughter's updates coming to my phone. Also I follow a few local peers in the hope that some day we may actually set up a coffee get-together or something through it. I dunno.

    Mostly I update it along with my other social networks via and read it aggregated via friendfeed (although I am not a big fan of friendfeed or any of the other aggregators right now, because unlike it is hard to have it follow ALL my social network sites and pick up ALL my friends' updates).

  2. ha. twitter is a time suck. You're wise to stay away.

  3. Jim - I kid, of course. I'm OK with people who can find an actual use for it. Honestly, I just can't see one for myself.

    Amy - And really, that's the thing that scares me the most about it. Same reason I typically won't start watching a TV series, even if it is highly rated and well-loved by reviewers (e.g. Lost, 24, etc). It's not that I doubt the quality or entertainment value of these. I just have to be careful with things that tangle themselves around my schedule, and end up eating huge chunks of my time, with little to no payoff in real life.

  4. I'm just going out on a limb here, but I would bet Twitter was invented by a stalker...a very lazy stalker, one who can't be bothered to actually get off their tail and go stalk...they prefer to have constant updates via Twitter.

  5. Tully,

    Funny! And just to take it full circle, I just tweeted part of your comment. :o)