Monday, January 12, 2009

A Call From Darrell Waltrip

I'm feeling sort of famous right now. NASCAR legend Darrell Waltrip called me and left a personal message on my phone, thanking me for using the service department at his Honda dealership. He even gave me a number I can call back, in case I have any questions or comments about the service I received. Maybe I'll call it sometime, and ask to talk to Darrell, just so we can shoot the breeze about how much cooler motor sports were in the olden days, before they had stuff like restrictor plates and roof flaps.

This is so cool, getting a call from Darrell Waltrip. It's even better than that time John Kerry called, asking me to vote for him. Plus I hear that Darrell Waltrip is a Christian, and has a bible study in Nashville. I'm not really surprised. Pretty much everyone in Nashville is a Christian, except for Catholics and Jehovah's Witnesses, and those people who were cheering for the Baltimore Ravens.

Of course, in some ways, I'm jaded by all the exposure to famous celebrities that one gets when living in Nashville. Pretty much every songwriter/musician/waitress in Nashville can tell you a cool story about how a bona fide star came into their restaurant, and even got seated in their section. And how famous people can sometimes be really nice and friendly, in real life.

When I'm famous, I'm going to be really nice to people, too. You should always remember your roots, and where you came from. It's not polite to make fun of all the unimportant little people, because you used to be just like one of them, before you got famous.


  1. LOL! Brilliant! Please refer to your January 6, 2009 post!

  2. My husband would be truly jealous. Well, then again, maybe not. Now if it was possible for Dale Earnhardt to call him, he would be through the roof.

  3. Ultraspy - Thanks, glad you liked it.

    Heidi - If I received an actual call from Dale Earnhardt, I think I'd be scared, more than anything. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Loved this post! Are you famous yet? I see you stopped blogging a couple years ago. So did I. But I started up again. I'm doing it every day to FORCE me to read my Bible daily and pay attention. Hope you are doing well. Come by Knoxville sometime!

  5. Hi there, HolidayLonging! Yeah, sadly, I abandoned the blog here three years ago this month. I've thought about starting up again, but I just don't seem to have much time, or anything that I think is all that interesting to talk about.

    I've been following your daily Bible study and enjoying it very much! Thanks for stopping by. :-)