Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gosh, I Hope She's Okay


  1. Didja see this?


  2. Jim - Yes, that's hilarious. There are also a few different "remix" variations, where people have set this one to music and edited the video to show her falling repeatedly.

  3. Whatever happened?

    Hey, you know, in My Yahoo rss feed, they don't show you posting anything for 2 months. What's that about? So I haven't been reading the latest...

  4. Though I can't find a source now, I have read that she just had the wind knocked out of her. If you watch closely, you'll notice that she does appear to catch herself with one arm, and that the platform is only about two feet high. My first impression was that it was much higher than that, probably because of the camera angle.

    Somebody at Odd Culture tried tracking her down, and had this to say:

    The grape lady’s name was Melissa Sander, and she worked for MyFox Atlanta, which is Channel 5, in Atlanta, GA. Soon after the "incident" (AKA Bad Day @ Good Day Atlanta), Melissa Sander ran away to WTEN Albany, working as a weekend meteorologist...

    Sometime in 2004 she jumped ship again, this time setting up shop at Fox 29 Philadelphia. At some point after that, it seems she jumped over to UPN 57, which is now known as CW Philly. Apparently, she was fired in 2006.

    This is where the trail runs cold. She seems to have disappeared...

    Regarding the RSS feed -- I'm not sure why my new posts haven't been showing up for you. Do you have other Blogger people in your reader? I've never had anyone else report problems with my feed. Blogger manages all the RSS automatically, so I'm not aware of anything that I could change.

    Have you ever tried Google Reader? I hate recommending something different if you're happy with Yahoo's reader, but I've always had good results with Google's reader.