Thursday, June 28, 2007

The 40 Day Fast - Stephanie

Today's blogger for The 40 Day Fast is Stephanie. She is discussing a very important issue which, quite frankly, is oftentimes the elephant in the middle of the room that nobody sees, or wants to see. We have all had friends or family members affected by this (or perhaps you yourself were), and the need for help and healing is tremendous. Please read Stephanie's blog today and prayerfully consider what the Lord would have you do to become an agent of help, hope, healing, and change in the lives around you.


  1. Hey just wanted to say that a was great comment you wrote stephanie and it got me to thinking...

    I too need to make a few calls/emails today because I have had so many friends affected by this.


  2. me too. I e mailed my friend, thanks for suggesting that.